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Avel Bacudio: Tailored Knights in Shining Armor

People often think that you can’t go wrong with black and white, classics that never go out of fashion. There is some truth to that – however, it’s easy to look like everyone else with these staple colors, so there is always a need to see new ways of wearing them (and wearing them right).

Thank heavens for Avel Bacudio.

With clean architectural lines playing with black and white geometries, Bacudio managed to take the binary pair into another dimension – styled with high-shine steel and metal studs, cuffs, gauntlets, knee caps and belts. His work, precise and clean, coupled with his shiny accessories, made his models appear to be tailored knights in shining armor.

Bacudio started with fashion icon Wilma Doesnt in a revealing bodysuit with studs, sheer panels from the shoulders down to the arms, and a wide shiny metal belt – a definitely strong introduction to the rest of his monochromatic pieces. His womenswear began with  structural blazers and layered full skirts, while his menswear took an unconventional turn with asymmetrical lower hems on belted blazers, fabric blocking and finely-patterned prints.

As his show progressed, his defined architecture gave way to a softer side, with flowy sheer printed fabric and soft lace. The boys got a little bit of rock and roll treatment with some leather contrast shoulders and printed tailored shorts.

Throughout the show, though, apart from his exquisite craftsmanship (we’re seriously impressed with the cleanliness of his work), we couldn’t take our eyes off of those metal armors – from shiny harnesses to layered shoulder plates.

It was a totally refreshing show; the clean, structural tailoring of blacks and whites, the almost-futuristic armor coming together as a definite class act. We’re happy to know that with Bacudio around, we have tailored knights in shining armor to save us all.

View his complete collection at the Philippine Fashion Week Live webiste by clicking on this link.